Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Privatize This

Sounds like the auction of Northern Indiana's infrastructure is far from over. Taking Down Words covers the story here.

From TDW:
In a story today by Pat Guinane, the Times of Northwest Indiana reveals that the state may or may not be in talks to privatize the South Shore Line in a deal similar to the long-term Toll Road lease. Because that proposal went over sooooo swimmingly in Northern Indiana. Just ask Count Chocola. And all the people who live up there who aren't so fond of having their assets up on the auction block.

Princeton Daily Clarion Covers AARP Event

Check out the PDC's article on yesterday's AARP forum.

From the Princeton Daily Clarion:
The candidates were also asked their stances on an issue that's raised much debate over the past several years in the 64th District - the question of daylight savings time.

Up until this point, the candidates had stuck to the format of the event with each man being allowed to answer a question, with the other giving a response.

Battles said Woodruff had promised his constituency that he would not vote for daylight savings time for Knox County. Woodruff eventually voted for having daylight savings time for Knox County in the state legislature.

Battles said he supported a state-wide referendum on which timezone the state should switch to. “He made a promise and a trust was broken,” Battles said.

Woodruff interjected and asked to respond to Battles. He was allowed a two minute response by moderator June Lyle, associate state director for the AARP.

Woodruff said he had changed his mind and voted to switch Knox County to daylight savings time, but he had made the decision because it was his belief switching to the system used by the most of the country would attract business.

“Yes, I did change my vote, but I did it to bring business back to this community,” Woodruff said.

Monday, October 02, 2006

AARP Event

Campaign Event

Tomorrow Kreg will be at a Q&A put on by the AARP. Our opponent has been invited but from the mailing AARP sent out, I am unsure if he is going to be in attendance. Unfortunately, the Libertarian Candidate, J.A. Thomas was not invited. The Sun-Commercial has covered the disturbing pattern of groups not inviting Mr. Thomas to candidate events. Hopefully the media coverage will help to change this.

The event will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 10/3) at the Vincennes University Student Union at 10 a.m.

Come out and hear the candidates discuss their views on a variety of issues.

To see the candidates' responses to the AARP survey click here

Star Covers Race in the 64th

I appologize for the innactivity on the blog. I will do my best to post more regularly. Things have picked up significantly.

In today's Indy Star, Mary Beth Schneider covered our race. She highlights the general mood in the district as angry. One Vincennes resident had this to say:

At the Mouzin Barber Shop in Vincennes, a state map on the wall is marked with the time zones to help customers. Nearby Illinois is on Central Time, and the adoption of daylight-saving time is changing all the rules residents have used to tell time, whether they're in Indiana or Illinois.

Barber Larry Mouzin, asked whom he will support for state representative said bluntly: "Not Woodruff."

"He said he wouldn't vote for it. Then, whammo!" Mouzin said.

But Woodruff doesn't feel that way.

Woodruff, a district representative for U.S. Rep. John Hostettler, R-Evansville, said he believes he did the right thing when he voted for daylight-saving time, though he laments having promised not to.

"I should have handled DST differently; I do regret that," he said.

Still, Woodruff doesn't think he was untruthful to constituents.

To read the entire article click here

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hazleton to Celebrate 150th Birthday

On Sunday, September 24th Hazleton will be celebrating that tounge-twister-of-a-word "Sesquicentenial" (150th) celebration.

Join them at the HUMM Center (old Hazleton High School) with fellowship at 9:30 am, church service at 10 am and lunch at 11 am.

So come out and eat BBQ, ham, bread, and birthday cake to celebrate Hazleton's 150th B-day!

Volunteer of the Week

This week's Volunteer of the Week award goes to Chuck and Elsie Eisenhut. They have been hard at work putting up big Kreg Battles for State Representative signs across the district. We appreciate all of their hard work and support!

Thank you Chuck and Elsie!

Toll Road counties give Guv a not-so-warm welcome

Governor Daniels decided to go up north to hand out checks to the Toll Road counties for selling off the road. He was greeted by protestors carrying "Ditch Mitch" signs.

From the IndyStar:
Waiting for him outside City Hall, however, were about three dozen protesters, waving signs that read "Ditch Mitch" and "Enough is Enough."

For a few minutes, Daniels verbally sparred with his critics, challenging their assertion that the Toll Road had made money and could have continued to do so in state hands.

"I don't want to embarrass you," he told one man, "but you're wrong."

Neither his words nor the $40 million check he'd brought the county made a difference. As they chanted, "One-term Mitch," he turned away.

The article profiles several of the House races up north that the Democrats are targetting this fall.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Letter to the Editor of the Sun-Commercial

In yesterday's paper, the Vincennes Sun-Commercial covered two letters to the editor. One was written by Kreg and the other a supporter, Mike McClure. Unfortunately, the Sun-Commercial website doesn't post their letters to the editor so I've typed them up for you. I appologize if there is a typo or misprint. Note: Battles did send this letter to the other papers in the District.

Candidate pledges to work hard for voters

My dad, Marion Battles, taught me at an early age the value of hard work and I have applied that lesson to my first campaign. It has truly been a remarkable experience to walk in parades and attend each county's fair. I have been knocking on doors in every city and town to give you the opportunity to ask the tough questions and to voice your concerns and opinions about the direction our state is headed. To date, we have knocked on over 15,000 doors and I will continue to come to your door to make sure that if you have a concern or issue, I will hear it. I feel that it is important as a candidate for the House of Representatives that I make myself available to the people whom I wish to represent.

I have been amazed at your willingness to share your concerns and ask questions about my plans, if elected. As I have traveled across the district, I have seen firsthand your desire to be heard. You are tired of being told what it is you want. Many of you feel as though your voices have been falling on deaf ears with those who are currently in office. You have see your Representatives put their own agendas before that of yours; the very people they were chosen to represent. Most of you are unhappy with the partisanship that has consumed politics today. You are facing serious challenges in your lives and it is time that public servants begin to find solutions to these problems and no longer be a part of the problem.

At your door, I have heard your demands to lower the price of gasoline, to find ways to make health care more affordable, and to reduce the property tax burden that is forcing people from their homes. Most importantly, I have heard your calls for honest representation in Indianapolis.

I hope that you will give me the opportunity to represent you and to fight on your behalf in Indianapolis. I don't make many promises, but I can promise you this: I will always work hard for you, I will always listen, and if I give you my word, I will follow through on it.

Kreg Battles

Supporting Battles in Nov. 7 general election

I recently heard Rep. Woodruff's latest campaign ad about all fo the jobs that he is claiming to have created for us down here and it has left me scratching my head.

I must have missed the memo that he was responsible for the expansion of the Toyota plant. I was under the impression that Toyota came here before he was even in office and always that the intention of expanding.

I also would like to know where in the district the 14 ethanol plants are. He seems to foget that Indianapolis and other places up north are not in his district.

...It's time that we have a Representative that will not only keep his word but also will take credit for the projects that he actually is responsible for. I'm voting for honest representation. I'm voting for Kreg Battles.

Mike McClure

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Battles fighting to make health care more affordable

Kreg has seen how families across Southwest Indiana are struggling to find affordable health care. It is time that we have a leader who will fight for working families and find solutions to lower the cost of health care.

His plan:
  • Allow pooling for small businesses to lower premiums and allow them to provide coverage for their employees
  • Tax incentives for businesses that provide health care coverage
  • Negotiating for lower prescription durg prices
  • Standing up to the health care special interests

Monday, September 11, 2006

Post-Election Property Tax Hike

Looks like Hoosier families can expect up to a 15% hike in their property taxes. Seems pretty convenient that this will come after the November election.

From the IndyStar:

State legislative analysts say the shake-up, on average, will mean a 15 percent increase in homeowners' taxes. Increases for commercial property are likely to be lower.

With the 2006 election less than two months away, voters will be choosing lawmakers who could find themselves confronting the biggest tax challenges since Indiana overhauled property assessments five years ago.

The Fifth Anniversary of 9/11

Today we remember those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and on Flight 93.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Passing of a Friend

It is another sad day for all of us. Harold "Doc" Wethington passed away Friday. Doc will be missed by all who knew him. Our condolences go out to his wife, Debbie, and all of their family. We are truly saddened by this loss.

From the Evansville Courier & Press:

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006, at the Colvin Funeral Home in Princeton, with the Rev. Frank McCandless officiating. Burial will be at the Maple Hill Cemetery in Princeton. Friends may call from 4 until 8 p.m. on Monday at the funeral home.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Kidney Foundation. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home. Condolences may be made online at

Facebook Group

For all of the High School and College students that are supporting Kreg Battles check out the Facebook group Students for Kreg Battles.

There are already over 180 students who have joined the group and are supporting Kreg's campaign!

We will post updates on the campaign and volunteer opportunities for students to keep up on.